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Meet your candidate for Cypress City Council

Robert Sittman III - Thursday, September 17, 2020

Do you know who is running for Cypress City Council in November? Patron Property Management strives to build close relationships with local government leaders to better serve our clients and our community.

Steve Mauss #Steve4Cypress can be found at Steve Mauss is a frontrunning candidate for the Cypress City Council elections taking place in November 2020. Steve owns and operates a software development and data migration business in the city of Cypress. He is fiscally conservative and believes in developing Cypress into a family-centered community.


"It's a safe place to live, it has rich amenities, the roads are incredibly well maintained, and the housing is well thought out and planned. The business environment is richly rewarding for everybody involved, not just the business owners but the patrons as well and it's just a great place to live."


"The city has been very big about listening to the citizens. We have a lot of good infrastructure in the city of Cypress. We have good people in the city of Cypress and we have good government and I look forward to helping to continue that tradition."


"We need to spend some time thinking about how we're going to get retail back here, the smaller retailers. They've been devastated by Covid: everything from restaurants, to gyms, to you name it. They have just been devastated and there's no real way that the federal government's going to be able to bail them out. We as a community have to get together and support them."


"Only that I think in terms of the way that homeowners, landowners, landlords would be interested in the concept that Cypress has for pocket parks. Time and time again the surveys show that residents actually prefer that concept of having a little park that they can run over to right in their neighborhood. It doesn't have to be a huge acreage but it's nice to have a little place to let the animals and the kids run around and have a good time."


 "The city of Cypress is this little gem right in the middle of everything that nobody really markets or talks about. The homes are a better value, the schools are still just as good if not better in many cases and the community members are involved, and this is a big deal. The community members themselves are more cohesive: they work well together and they are all committed to the same goals and the same quality of life."


"That's a big deal if you have tenants move into the area, they will see that right away and they'll want to be part of that community, and I think they'll treat properties better if they're renters. If they purchase here they'll take care of their property. Cypress is a wonderful place to live and we're really glad that we found it. Cypress is a very well run city, and I want people to get that message."


"My campaign website is All of my policy statements on the issues facing the city are on my website, and you can expand and collapse every one of them. And then there's a place to contact me if you would like to discuss any of the issues. I am happy to meet with anybody personally, anybody that wants to meet with me directly one-on-one: I will come to their home or invite them to mine and I am happy to sit down and discuss issues. If you would like to contact me directly via email it is"

Do you need a license to be a property manager in California?

Robert Sittman III - Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Yes! In order to charge a fee for property management, one needs a CA Real Estate Broker's License. This is the cast in most states across the United States. Any person or company that conducts business on behalf of an owner of real property is required to either have a Broker's License or to have a Real Estate Salesperson License working underneath a Broker's License. It is illegal to conduct Real Estate transactions (which includes property management) without a Broker's License.

Does a Real Estate Broker's License make someone qualified to manage properties? A Broker's License will satisfy the state requirements, whether they are qualified or not depends on their experience, education, and track record. You should check with before hiring a property manager. You will want a property manager that is not only a member in good standing with NARPM (National Association of Residential Property Managers) but preferably has demonstrated their competence and experience within the property management industry by obtaining their RMP (Residential Management Professional) and possibly their MPM (Master in Property Management) designations.

Hiring and maintaining a professional property manager should be a thrilling experience. When done right, great property management will increase money in your pocket, decrease hassles and headaches, and be a well deserved relief in your life. Choosing a fantastic property management company will be the last piece of hard work needed for your rental property!

By Robert Sittman III

Patron Property Management

Business Development Manager

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